In response to customer demand, 782 Gear has added moisture-wicking Polartec fabric cuffs to the Smokin’ Sweater, Pullover, and Chaps to provide full coverage, enhance comfort, and keep out drafts. These lightweight, highly-compressible pieces feature a slick 1.1-ounce nylon shell that is ideal for layering and moving easily underneath outer layers. Polartec technology dries faster, spreads out moisture quicker, and is extremely durable. Climashield insulation provides an outstanding warmth-to-weight ratio. These pieces are essential, turning any jacket or pant into serious cold-weather protection. For more information, call 757-642-4331 or visit

The new DVD, Israeli Special Forces Training: Counter-Terror Carbine, Mako Defense now offers video training that enables anyone to understand and apply the unique advantages of the Israeli fighting method with caribines. This DVD parallels the live Mako Defense courses currently being offered across America. It gives viewers the opportunity to learn and practice techniques that can save their lives and the lives of innocent victims. The Israeli Method of fighting revolves around the concept of using speed and accuracy to quickly neutralize any threat while protecting bystanders. This training will give military combatants the skills required for a successful mission. For more information, call 417-849-3233 or visit

Following discussions with expert 3-Gun shooters, the Stag Arms product development team discovered a need to fire at targets as quickly as possible without having to deal with muzzle rise. The Stag Arms 3G Comp was created specifically to allow a shooter to engage a second shot as quickly as their first. The Stag Arms compensator greatly reduces muzzle flip and recoil. It also doesn’t have the concussion that other compensators are known for producing. The Stag Arms 3G Comp uses cross-drilling, which allows for maximum vertical venting and gas dissipation, and it is balanced to allow gravity to help counter muzzle flip. For more information, call 860-229-9994 or visit

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