RUGER SR-556 5.56mm
by Dave Spaulding
The 5.56mm AR platform redefined – runs cleaner with improved reliability!

POF-USA P-415 6.8mm by Charlie Cutshaw
Short barreled rifle bridges the gap between stopping power and mobility!

MOSSBERG 590A1 SPX 12 GAUGE by Paul Markel
Special Purpose Xtreme – next step in the fighting shotgun evolution!

by Eric R. Poole
Contemporary heavy-duty single-action for agents who go in harm’s way!

KEL-TEC SU-16CA CARBINE 5.56mm by Charlie Cutshaw
Ideal alternative to the AR patrol carbine – it’s light, reliable and accurate!

COLT DEFENSE LE6940 5.56mm by Rich Grassi
The most technologically advanced, reliable and effective carbine in its class!

RRA ELITE COMP 5.56mm by Mike Detty
Loaded with custom features – this AR has it all for the on-the-job duties!

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FEATURES RUGER SR-556 5.56mm by Dave Spaulding The 5.56mm AR platform redefined – runs…