by Tom Beckstrand
Designed by operators for operators — a new level of surgical precision!

CENTURY’S VZ2008 7.62x39mm by Mike Humphries
New breed Czech-designed patrol carbine packing a .30 caliber punch!

STEYR AUG A3 SA .223 by Richard Mann
Austria’s universal army rifle on USA’s shores—a first rate entry weapon!

SMITH & WESSON M&P PRO 9mm by Rob Garrett
Improved military & police autopistol with new sights and a match trigger!

Mossberg 930 SPX 12 GA by Matt Berger
Special purpose tactical shotgun for today’s LE world!

FNH USA’s TSR XP USA by Charlie Cutshaw
Ultra Short Action .223 tactical sharpshooter ready for SWAT!

Magpul’s New Massoud 7.62mm by Gary Paul Johnston
Descendant of the Masada…a completely new and radical piston operation!

NEW Ruger SR-22 by Dave Spaulding
Budget friendly, high performance .22 LR tactical training weapon!

Guest Editorial
assault on police is an assault on society

First Responder know your fellow officer’s weapons — 5 cases

Duty Ready developing night-fighting tactics

Tactics running and gunning patrol rifles

Basic Training learning survival skills outside the LE range

Plain Clothes choosing the right weapon of last resort

New Products new guns and gear that caught our eyes

On The Job Speer Gold Dot hollow points — ammo of choice

Street Smarts Fighting crime the General Petraeus way

Police Stories Tales of the cuff / Lucky night in Vegas

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