GWLE October 2014 TOC

GWLE October 2014 TOC


DPMS TAC2 5.56mm By Scott W. Wagner
Multi-mission carbine built for entry and long-range precision duty!

Top 12 tactical smoothbores built for delivering 12-gauge power in close quarters!

WALTHER PPQ M2 9mm By Scott W. Wagner
Ultra-modern enforcer packs cutting-edge ergonomics and15+1 rounds of 9mm firepower!

SIG SAUER SSG 3000 PATROL 7.62mm By Andy Massimilian
Next-gen LE countersniper bred for smooth shooting and sub-MOA precision!

SMITH & WESSON M&P BODYGUARD 380 By Richard Johnson
Ultra-compact LEO backup ready to serve as your last line of defense!

ROCK RIVER ARMS LAR-15 DELTA CAR 5.56mm By Scott W. Wagner
Fast-handling patrol carbine with duty-ready reliability and accuracy! 

CMMG MK9 T 9mm By Robert Jordan
Close-quarters tactical carbine designed to deliver when it counts!

BARRETT REC7 GENII 5.56mm By David Bahde
Piston-driven powerhouse designed to deliver duty-ready performance!

LWRCI M6-IC-SPR 5.56mm By Rob Garrett
Piston-driven powerhouse bred to keep running—no matter what!


guest editorial: militarized or modernized?
first responder: off-duty survival—7 case reports
agency spotlight: Marana, Arizona, Police Department
SWAT talk: breach & entry tactics
patrol ready: thigh rig holsters
gunfighting: sharpen your reflexes
on the belt: duty belt essentials
busted: narco sub takedown
new products: new guns and gear that caught our eye
high tech: LoJack tracking systems
street smarts: in the aftermath
letters: notes from our readers
classified ads: products and services of interest
police stories: trailer park ambush/history of violence

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