The Hammerhead Rifle Tool Company is proud to announce the availability of its “HammerHead Assault Rifle Tool”. The tool is designed for multiple uses on the AR-15 / M16 and M4 as well as other assault rifle variants. The center of the tools function revolves around the Patent Pending, four point contact, castle nut wrench. Features include bombproof .187“ thick, heat-treated 1095 spring steel with a Mil-Spec black oxide finish.

Also available, the ultra light, combat field deployment version made from solid .183” hard anodize, 6Al-4V titanium plate. The HammerHead Rifle Tool is proud to be 100% Made in the USA with all American Materials and workmanship and we stand behind our product with a limited, Life-Time Warranty.

Functions include:
-Tighten/remove castle nut on mil-spec and commercial receiver extension tubes with Patent Pending Four-Point contact wrench and stabilizing “hammerhead” handle.
– 3/4″ Flash Hider Wrench
– 3/8” Torque Wrench Hole for proper tightening
– 5/8 “ A-2 style receiver extension tube wrench
– Receiver takedown and pivot pin punch

This tool was designed to ease the frustrations that every armorer, both professional and amateur alike have experienced while trying to remove or install the receiver extension castle nut during a rifle build or take-down. What’s been missing is a tool that actually works, no vise needed, no damaged castle nuts or tubes and no broken wrench half way through the job. Staked or not, the HammerHead Rifle Tool breaks free the toughest, torqued castle nuts on both Mil-Spec and Commercial receiver extension tubes. Re-tightening to spec is a cinch with the 3/8” torque wrench slot.

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