Samuel Walker co-designed the 1847 Colt Walker.

An effort between Cimarron Firearms and Texas House of Representative, Kyle Biedermann, bestowed a unique new distinction recently. Texas named the legendary 1847 Colt Walker the “official” state handgun. It joins the Bluebonnet as the state flower and the mockingbird as the state bird, brining a unique distinction with an official state handgun moniker.

1847 Colt Walker Named Official Handgun of Texas

The handgun became official May 24, 2021. Texas Gov. Greg Abbot signed the revolution, naming the 1847 Colt Walker the official handgun of the state of Texas. The 87th Legislature of the Texas Senate Bill titled, Recognizing the 1847 Colt Walker pistol as the official handgun of the State of Texas,” as it was “historically crucial to the early survival of the great State of Texas.”

The 1847 Colt Walker remains the most powerful blackpowder pistol on the market, according to Cimarron Arms. Co-invented by Samuel Walker, Eli Whitney Junior and Colt’s produced the pistol. Waker served as a Texas Ranger captain. He served in the American Indian Wars and the Mexican-American wars. His idea for a new pistol attempted to provide the Rangers with a pistol powerful enough to take down a rider and his mount. The Texas Rangers made it the weapon of choice during the Mexican-American Wars.

Texas Proud

“It has been said that God created man, but Samuel Colt made them equal. Firearms have long been the palladium of our constitutional liberties, which is precisely why I was honored to support this designation by the great state of Texas. Let this serve to not only recognize the contribution Mr. Colt made to Texas history, but also to highlight the important purpose of an armed citizenry,” Biedermann said.

“My bloodline runs deep in the State of Texas,” Mike Harvey, founder and CEO of Cimarron Firearms, said. “If there ever was a handgun that spoke Texan, it’s the 1847 Walker. Our replica honors the men who secured Texas and made it what it is today. The Texas Rangers helped define the character of Texas. Their legendary leadership set them apart from any other lawmakers in the country and they were and still are highly respected. Their handgun of choice was the 1847 Colt Walker.”

The official handgun distinction puts the famous Colt pistol in an extremely select class. Designed for hard use by the Texas Rangers, it deserves a special place of distinction. Better still, consumers can get a modern version of the famous pistol for a reasonable price. The Cimarron 1847 Colt Walker retails for $495.39. For even more info, please visit

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