atlas gunworks titan operator pistol

Vermont-based Atlas Gunworks is expanding its pistol lineup with the new Titan Operator pistol.

Designed as a duty and self defense gun, the Titan Operator is chambered in 9mm. It features the same fit and finish as the standard 2011 Titan, but with new features for the tactical crowd, including a DLC coated, tri-topped and lightened slide; five-inch KKM bull barrel; PT aluminum grip; 19+1 magazine capacity; tactical rear sight and a railed frame.

Recognizing that duty guns have to be ultra-reliable and run in tough conditions with various types of ammo, Atlas installed heavy duty springs to ensure reliable cycling and primer ignition, the press release says. In addition, the trigger pull is set at three to three and a half pounds.

Atlas is best known for its competition guns, but obviously those aren’t the best choice for military, law enforcement and self defense.

“So, when the tactical team at a west coast sheriff’s department requested 9mm Titans for duty, the Titan Operator was born,” Atlas said.

Pre-orders are available now for the Titan Operator, which is priced at $3,999. Atlas says the gun ships in less than three months. Features and specs are below.

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Titan Operator Features & Specs

  • Ships in less than 3 months
  • Suitability : Duty, Tactical
  • Tri-top and lightened slide
  • PT Aluminum Grip
  • Rubber grip tape
  • X-Line Vario Trigger
  • KKM Bull Barrel 5.0
  • Flared Ejection Port
  • Atlas Tactical Magwell
  • Railed Frame
  • DLC Coating
  • Lock back feature on slide stop
  • 3.0 to 3.5 lb prefect trigger
  • Duty spring weights
  • Heavy Duty EGW thumb safeties
  • Atlas Tac Rear Sight U Notch (novak cut)
  • Tooless Guide Rod
  • Ships with case and 1 – 140mm Magazine
  • Available in 9mm

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