Thompson Auto-Ordnance recently announced the release of its newest pistol, the Liberty 1911. The Auto-Ordnance Liberty 1911 boasts a patriotic theme, echoing the sentiments of our Founding Fathers. It warns all tyrants to tread on American liberty at their peril.

Auto-Ordnance Liberty 1911

Freedom-loving patriots have always been prepared to oppose tyranny with the ferocity of a poisonous snake. No better symbol of that exists than the Gadsden Flag, with its legendary motto “Don’t Tread on Me!” This custom 1911 features the engraving “Liberty … Death” on the right side of the slide. Set among it is the Presidential Seal. The left side of the slide features “Don’t … Tread,” surrounded by the Gadsden flag.

Custom Gonaclo wood grips feature 13 stars surrounding the Liber bell on the right panel, and “DTOM” on the left. The finish is a custom Cerakote mix of brown and black. The gun stats as an Auto-Ordnance GI Model 1911, made entirely in the US. It features a 5-inch barrel, GI sights, and is chambered in .45 ACP. It comes with one seven-round magazine.

Few images evoke 2A pride quite like the snake of the Gadsden Flag. Auto-Ordnance paired that legendary image into a faithful, patriotic 1911.

The Liberty 1911 retails for $1,215. For more information, visit

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