Beretta recently announced the debut of its newest pistol variant, the 92X Performance. Moreover, Beretta designed the new model specifically for practical pistol competition.

The Beretta 92X Performance utilizes the reliable and time-tested operating system of Beretta’s 92 series pistols. Additionally, the 92X combines a Vertec steel frame and heavier Brigadier profile slide to deliver power, speed and accuracy, according to Beretta.

Beretta 92X Performance Features

A skeletonized hammer with a competition standard hammer spring delivers faster cycling time. Meanwhile, the new Extreme-S trigger mechanism decreases trigger reset by up to 40 percent. Further, the trigger maintains Beretta safety features, ensuring the safety of the pistol in case it drops to the deck, according to Beretta.

The 92X weighs 2.98 pounds when unloaded. Further, the steel frame and Brigadier slide combine to increase the pistol’s stability. Moreover, the competition pistol reduces muzzle rise as well, enabling for faster split times and better recoil recover, critical components when seconds count in the heat of competition, according to Beretta.

The 92X Performance also features an ambidextrous frame safety. Further, Beretta offers the safety in three different profiles, making it adaptable for various hand types as well as different IPSC divisions.

The pistol’s saw-toothed front and rear serrations on the slide improve purchase for slide manipulation. Meanwhile, checkering on the front and back-strap improve control of the pistol, ensuring maximum grip on the pistol, according to Beretta.

Beretta’s latest competition pistol ships with two 15-round magazines with included rubber bumpers. Additionally, Beretta says the magazines are designed to withstand fast magazine changes on the clock. Finally, the Beretta 92X Performance becomes available in North America in late summer 2019. Above all, the pistol retails for $1,399.

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