The Beretta APX Combat takes the manufacturer’s APX line to a new level. But how did we get here?

Beretta’s APX, designed in 2016 around the Army’s Modular Handgun System (MHS) contract, may be one of the least known duty/combat pistols on the market today. Rigorously tested with input from both military and law enforcement, the APX is a workhorse.

Highly modular, it uses a straight trigger, aggressive treatment on the slide, and a high bore axis ratio for control under rapid fire. Designed to work in the harshest conditions, it is a solid duty or combat pistol. Introduced to the public in early 2017, the APX remained focused on the LE market.

Now, the line has been updated with the new APX Combat.

The Beretta APX Combat

In my testing at the 2018 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous it proved to be a true workhorse of a pistol that is soft shooting and accurate, with a factory trigger fitting my needs better than most. Breaking at six pounds, it has a shorter, positive reset with a flat, wide face.

Grip frames can be changed out in minutes, while grip straps interchange to fit various hands.

The APX also utilizes a robust ambidextrous slide stop, one that is designed to be used as a release, not just a stop.

Beretta designed the APX to meet the needs of the warfighter. Beretta’s latest APX, the Combat, adds the versatility of a red dot sight and threaded barrel, providing the ability to use a suppressor or other muzzle device.

Red Dots & Muzzle Devices

The Beretta APX Combat starts with the proven APX full-sized pistol and adds several features in demand today.

Pistol-mounted Red Dot Sights (RDS) are increasing in popularity. The Combat comes with the slide machined to accept locking plates that support several sights to include the Trijicon RMR, Burris FastFire, and Leupold Delta Point Pro. Simply remove the supplied cover plate, attach the appropriate mount, and add your sight.

Factory sights enable the use of the front sight, but depending on the red dot, they may not co-witness completely. Beretta planned taller sights for release this coming SHOT Show.

Another addition is a threaded barrel, designed for suppressor or other muzzle device use. Law enforcement pistols increasingly use brakes to lessen muzzle rise for faster follow up shots. Threaded ½ x 28, the new Combat will accept brakes as well as one of a number of the latest suppressors.

Pistol suppressors are getting lighter, shorter, and much quieter, making them far more useful in a working environment. Many are capable of use with standard sight heights; add the RDS and you can use most any. It broadens the APX capabilities to meet just about any need a shooter has.

Built for Duty

I have been using the Beretta APX since its inception. For a “go to work” pistol, it remains one of the best. Beretta designed everything about the APX for use in the harshest conditions and in the worst possible circumstances.

The flat trigger enables the best possible accuracy, and it is one of the best offered in a duty-capable striker-fired pistol. An oversized trigger guard accommodates tactical or winter gloves with ease.

Purposely designed slide serrations encourage use in the mud, snow or when covered in debris. Non-conventional stoppage drills and reloads can be performed more easily under any condition. Accuracy is very good with unmatched reliability.

Without a doubt, the capabilities of the APX Combat more than match its name. If you are looking for a solid and proven pistol designed to work under any and all conditions—one able to accommodate an RDS or suppressor—make sure you take a close look at the Beretta APX Combat.

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Beretta APX Combat Specifications:

  • Action: Striker Fired
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel Length: 4.9 Inches
  • OAL: 8.5 inches
  • Width: 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 33.3 ounces
  • Capacity: 9mm 17+1; accepts all full-sized APX magazines
  • MSRP: $775

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