Built to French military specs, the new Manurhin revolvers come fully loaded.

Beretta made big news Wednesday, formally announcing a new brand under its umbrella of companies. Beretta will begin importing Manurhin revolvers into the U.S. for commercial sale. The line officially launches this week at the 2021 USPSA LOCAP Nationals in Talladega, Ala. This is a huge win for U.S. consumers.

Manurhin Revolvers Launch to U.S. Market

The Manurhin comes from French manufacturer Chapuis Armes. The company has produced the revolver for 20 years, serving everything from target shooters to law enforcement use. Now the Manurhin MR73 series of revolvers hits the U.S.

Chapuis Armes developed the variant specifically for the French Gendarmerie and special service units of the French Police and Military. The accurate, reliable pistols passed testing of tens of thousands of full-power .357 Mag ammo, Beretta said.

“Beretta is proud to have the opportunity to bring the best revolver in the world to the US market in cooperation with our sister company, Chapuis Armes – the parent company of Manurhin,” said Erik Stern, Tactical and Pro-Shop Manager, Beretta. “These products are in keeping with our philosophy of producing the best offerings on the market, and we are excited to enter into the revolver market with such a storied brand and the renowned MR73 series specifically.”

Priced at $3,300, the MR73 Gendarmerie is a high-end revolver.

The MR73 Gendarmerie 4-inch and MR73 Sport 5.25-inch mark the first revolvers Beretta will import. Each pistol features cold hammer-forged barrels for enhanced durability and accuracy. LPA target adjustable sights allow both macro and micro adjustments for wind and elevation. An ergonomic grip and premium target trigger also round out a solid package. Designed by Jacques Trausch, the grip reportedly helps with recoil mitigation. Meanwhile, a triple-adjustable trigger with an overtravel screw delivers a high level of adjustability to dial in precise specifications needed for maximum control.

Lastly, the MR73 revolvers each retail for $3,300. All things considered, that’s a steal. It’s a limited run to start, so we doubt they’ll last very long. For even more info, please visit beretta.com.

The Manurhin revolvers sport an ergonomic grip and adjustable LPA sights.

Beretta Manurhin MR73 Specs

ModelMR73 Gendarmarie 4″MR73 Sport 5.25″
FinishPolished BluePolished Blue
Caliber.357 Mag/.38 Spl..357 Mag/.38 Spl.
Barrel Length4 inches5.25 inches
Line of Sight Length5.60 inches6.85 inches
Overall Length9.17 inches10.39 inches
Weight Unloaded34.2 ounces37 ounces
Magazine Capacity66

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