Timing is an odd thing. It wasn’t but a couple of weeks ago that I was thinking to myself that I never really had the opportunity to spend any quality time with the full-size Canik TP9. One time I held one in a gun shop and I think I shot one at an event, but nothing really stands out. Yes, it’s an oddly timed thought out of seemingly nowhere, but that’s how the gun game goes sometimes. Don’t pretend you haven’t had an oddball thought about a particular gun out of the blue. They’re often called impulse buys.

Canik Mete Pistols

Doesn’t matter though, because now Canik has two new pistols that bring a whole lot of features and accessories along. So much so that I don’t know how you could get anything remotely close from another manufacturer.

The Canik Mete (pronounced Met-A) is here and it, or I should say they, demand your immediate attention. The Mete attempts to change how you view the modern pistol. I’m convinced Canik wants to have you second guessing every striker-fired pistol purchase you’ve ever made.

The Mete arrives in two versions, the SFx and SFT. While the pistols are mostly the same, the SFx features a roughly half-inch longer slide and 5.2-inch barrel. The SFT has a 4.47 inch barrel. From a functional standpoint that’s really the only working difference between them. They both come optics-ready, poised for co-witnessing with their excellent 3-dot sights, with redesigned beavertails, aggressive grip texturing, awesome internally flared magwells, and double undercut trigger guard. The rest of the difference come in the dizzying amount of bits and pieces that accompany these pistols in their full kit form.

Fully Loaded Pistols Kits

Each Mete comes in a kit that will make the new shooter dance for joy with the supplied holster (or two) and mag holder. The Mete pistols feature a Holster Fit-And-Lock (HFL) for a solid and secure fitment to your handheld blaster. And while historically it has not been the case in these all-inclusive kits, I did and do find the holsters to be quite usable. One utilizes an OWB fit for the Mete and the provided Olight tactical flood beam. Meanwhile, the other comes as a universal IWB/OWB holster. I ran the universal while shooting, ultimately impressed by how well it worked.

The kit also includes a Shield Sights, RMSc with plates for other types of micro dots, extra backstraps, four magazines, tool kit, and other tools so that you can work on your Canik. Let’s just say the included hard case with custom cut foam is chock full.

I don’t recall how the TP9 shot, but the Mete SFx is one smooth operator, chugging through nine-millies, with the effort of a top-level college freshman football player in an elementary school flag-football tournament. It’s too easy and makes everyone else look bad—except the shooter. You’ll look like a superstar, whichever Mete you opt for.

Both Mete pistols come standard with 18- and 20-round magazines. Each includes a flared mag well, two different back strap sizes, two optics mounting plates and a magazine speed loader. The before-mentioned holsters, gun lock, hard case and tool kit round out the standard package. It even comes with a punch for quick disassembly.

Canik Mete Features

  • Easy In/Easy out push pins and modular disassembly
  • Accepts the Trijicon RMRcc and other micro optics that share the footprint
  • Ergonomically redesigned beavertail
  • Co-Witness optics ready slide cut
  • Aggressive texturing
  • Integrally flared mag-well
  • Low profile ambidextrous slide stop levers
  • 5.2” Barrel
  • 3-Dot white sights
  • Angled rear sight edge for emergency one-hand operation
  • Undercut trigger guard
  • Holster Fit-and-Lock (HFL)
  • MSRP: Mete SFT ($519.99), Mete SFx ($574.99)

Editor’s Note: The video presents several different options available for purchase. The standard options of each pistol retail for less than $600. However, several packages featured in the video constitute higher-grade, optional accessory packages. For even more info, please visit

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