The new Bad Boy takes the 10mm cartridge into the classic Single Action Army design.

Cimarron Firearms recently announced the release of its newest revolver: The Bad Boy in 10mm. The Cimarron Bad Boy takes the classic Single Action Army design and adds in the resurgent 10mm cartridge for a unique pistol.

Cimarron Bad Boy 10mm

With the 10mm making a striking comeback of late as both a defensive and hunting round, the company looked toward the Bad Boy. In it, they found a blend of Old West and New West with the addition of the 10mm.

The Bad Boy offers handgun hunters, sport shooters and competitors a fast and powerful round. It fires from a six-shot cylinder within a Single Action Army Pre-War frame. It features an 1860 Army-style, one-piece walnut grip. The 8-inch octagonal barrel comes with adjustable target sights.
But shooters can get a Picatinny rail for alternative optics if so desired. The pistol’s flat top design enables the use of a Picatinny rail. The accessory rail retails for $35, and attaches via three screws.

The Bad Boy sports a classic blued finish on a high-performance carbon alloy steel frame, cylinder and barrel. From its looks to the power behind it, the Bad Boy 10mm becomes an instant classic. The revolver retails for $726.05. For more information, visit

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