The double-stack FNX-45 Tactical is the perfect option for tactical operators. This full-sized DA/SA pistol holds 15+1 rounds of .45 ACP ammunition—plenty for most missions. But there are many more features to consider with the FNX-45 Tactical.

First up is the slide, which comes ready to accept a miniature reflex sight. While every gun manufacturer under the sun is now offering slides pre-cut for reflex sights, FN debuted the optic-ready FNX-45 Tactical way back in 2012.

Next you’ll notice the 5.3-inch barrel, which comes with 5/8×28-tpi threading for installing a sound suppressor, as well as the taller sights. So, kitted out with a suppressor and reflex sight, the FNX-45 Tactical will help you strike faster and more quietly. FN even includes a knurled thread protector for when you go without a silencer.

The grip angle of the FNX-45 Tactical is similar to a 1911’s, which makes it point naturally when gripped and aimed. The polymer frame accepts four different backstraps—arched or flat and either checkered or ribbed—in an effort to accommodate a variety shooters. In fact, the FNX-45 Tactical feels a lot like a double-stack 9mm in hand than a double-stack .45 ACP.

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