HK SP5K Semi-Auto Pistol right

Heckler & Koch’s MP5K is a legend in its own right,developed in the 1970s as a concealed carry weapon for the purpose of personal security.

Now the company has released a commercial semi-automatic version of the MP5K for U.S. consumers: The SP5K.

The SP5K is designed and manufactured to meet the definition of a civilian pistol and marks the return of the roller delayed blowback system to an HK commercial product. The operating system is known for its accuracy and reliability. Originally developed on the Heckler & Koch G3 rifle, it has been used on several HK firearms.

Apart from statutory changes inside the weapon, the SP5K is absolutely identical to the MP5K, particularly the interfaces for magazine, buttstock/receiver cap, handguard and sight mount.

In addition to the quick release Picatinny mounting rail and the slim line handguard with HKey mounting slots available as accessories is as natural as a buttstock support option and the ambidextrous operation of the weapon.

The overall length of the SP5K is approximately 14 inches — slightly longer than an MP5K — due to its unique handguard. The new handguard is designed with special ergonomic and safety features to protect the shooter’s hand and provide a comfortable and stable grip.

Despite its size, the SP5K is well suited for sporting use. Using the proven roller delayed blowback system, the semi-auto’s accuracy makes it a solid choice for target shooting and an ideal home security arm.

The semi-auto pistol can be universally used both as a pistol or a shoulder-mounted weapon.

The SP5K retails for $2,699 and will be available in July.

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