The Magnum Research 20th Anniversary BFR.

Every once in a while, a pistol comes along and makes you stand up and yell “Hell Yeah!” Of course, you also just announced to your whole office that you are perusing guns at work. However, maybe one of them is your Secret Santa at this year’s Christmas party. So, make sure to let them all know that you reacted to the Magnum Research Exclusive Edition 20th Anniversary BFR.

The Magnum Research Exclusive Edition 20th Anniversary BFR

Staying true to its roots, Magnum Research bases this pistol on a .45-70 Government long frame model—the first production caliber. The single action revolver combines expert craftsmanship with precision engineering. As a result, comes unrivaled accuracy and strength.

Each piece is exquisitely hand-crafted and features a full octagon barrel, with custom E-rod Housing and basepin. One side of the barrel features engraving, with the words, “Magnum Research Inc. Pillager, MN,” in a simple font. The obverse side features the words, “20th Anniversary,” in beautiful script.

20th Anniversary is engraved on the presentation side of the barrel in an elegant script.

Representing the interface between man and steel are beautiful, hand fitted plow style white polymer grips. Likewise, the extremities of this beautiful revolver feature elegant scrollwork engraving, by the artists at Tyler Gun Works.

According to Joby Georges, Director of Manufacturing and Engineering, the “..20th Anniversary BFR honors the craftsmen who make each gun a personal expression of art and skill. It is without a doubt the most beautiful example of the Biggest Finest Revolver yet made.”

Who knows, maybe after spreading the word about it throughout your office, your Secret Santa will get it for you. Of course, it is entirely possible that you will get in trouble for looking at guns on company time. But it sure could be worth the risk. Make sure to tell them to hurry, there are only 20 in existence, each with a unique number.

Each piece also comes in a beautiful wood presentation case and includes a signed letter of authenticity.


The Magnum Research Exclusive Edition 20th Anniversary BFR is available now, with an MSRP of $7,200.00. For more info, please visit

The Magnum Research 20th Anniversary BFR.
The extremities of the Magnum Research 20th Anniversary BFR feature beautiful scrollwork.

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