From the gun Jedi’s at Modern Outfitters comes the MC6-SD 6″ Folding Pistol.

Modern Outfitters has made a name for themselves as a premier builder of rifles. From its MC5 AR rifles to the incredible MR1 bolt gun they have become popular in the serious gun world. With this as a background, I was excited to see they were making a new MC6 carbine. Even more exciting was the fact that they had made a pistol version. A pistol version that I just had to get my hands on.

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The MC6-SD 6″ is a pistol version of the company’s MC6 carbine and is chambered in the very popular 300 Blackout round. With a Law Tactical folding stock the gun shrinks down small enough to fit in a Vertx shoulder bag, making it the perfect urban carbine.

The gun has solid billet CNC machined construction for tighter tolerances and increased accuracy. It also includes enhanced controls and a sub-MOA guaranteed barrels.

The MC6-SD 6″ Challenge

As the gun arrived, I received a bit of a challenge. Just how fast could I get that little blaster out of the bag and into the fight?

Well, I mounted a Leupold Carbine Optic (LCO), a 30-round Magpul PMAG and hit the range. While the bag was not designed for super-fast deployment, we worked around it. After some practice, I had a good method set. Add a timer to the mix and we were off to the races!

We didn’t break any land speed records, but the gun was an absolute pleasure to run and adding the presentation component only made it that much more enjoyable. Watch the video above of the MC6-SD 6″ Folding Pistol in action.

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