It’s amazing that even as I write this, cowboy guns and the Old West are still as popular as ever. It’s even more exciting that so many companies still come up with new and innovative products that tip their cowboy hat at history while still appealing to a modern audience. Here are some of the best cowboy guns that have hit the marketplace over the past year.

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Chiappa 1873 Regulator

Cimarron Texas Ranger Engraved Model P

Pietta Confederate LeMat

Cimarron 1876 Centennial “Tom Horn” Rifle

EMF 1878 Hartford Coach Guns

EMF 1851 Captain Schaeffer

Cimarron Skeletal Shoulder Stock

Taylor’s & Co. Cattle Brand

Navy Arms Buffalo Bill Center of the West Centennial Rifle

Cimarron 1876 Texas Ranger “Presidio” Short Rifle

Stoeger Coach Gun

Traditions Single Actions

Uberti 1858 Buffalo Bill Centennial

EMF Deluxe Alchimista III

Traditions 1858 Remington

Winchester Model 1866 Short Rifle

Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme

Turnbull Marlin 336C

Navy Arms 1892 Winchester Short Rifle

Taylor’s & Co. 1894 Carbine

Winchester Model 1892 125th Anniversary Sporter

Cimarron Bad Boy

Cimarron General Patton Engraved Model P

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