Pietta 1873 SA Series

Pietta Firearms recently announced its newest line of firearms, the 1873 SA Series. Pietta based the line on the timeless Single Action Army to capture the best in “Old West” revolvers. The 1873 SA Series comes as part of Pietta’s trending firearm initiative, which is aimed squarely at the U.S. market.

Pietta first debuted more than 30 years ago, and it has since built a reputation for building accurate replica firearms. Now the 1873 SA Series brings new revolvers to the line. The pistols combine long-lasting reliability and accuracy, according to Pietta. The gun also easily interchange with other “Old West” originals, according to the company.

“We pride ourselves on always staying ahead of the competition with our products,” said Alessandro Pietta, Vice President of Pietta Firearms. “All of us at Pietta have worked painstakingly hard to create the 1873 Series, we believe that this series will become a staple within our product line and we believe our customers will see the quality and accuracy after the first shot.”

The Pietta 1873 SA Series offers customers a “true-to-original” firearm based on classic designs. This series comes in .45 LC, .357 Mag, .44/40, .44 Rem Mag, .22 Mag and .22 LR.

Pietta Firearms are imported into the U.S. exclusively by EMF Company. Born in the shadows of Hollywood, during the heyday of the Cowboy spaghetti westerns, EMF evolved into one of the firearm industry’s leaders in imported replica guns representing the 1800s. From Cowboy Action Shooting to modern Cowboy shotguns an Derringers, and even presentation cases, EMF continues to have the pulse of the American consumer interested in the Old West.

For more information, visit emf-company.com.

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