Three new releases from Davidson's include a pair of single-action revolvers and a coach gun.

Saddle up cowboy, and get a taste of some Old West flavor. Davidson’s just announced the release of three exclusive Pietta guns, sure to please aficionados of the genre. Known for producing authentic replicas of classic firearm designs, the Italian-made releases include a pair of 1873 Western revolvers and an 1878 Double Barrel Coach side-by-side shotgun.

Davidson’s Offers Exclusive Pietta Guns

The revolvers become the latest in several Pietta 1873 incarnations. The new revolvers comprise convertible models, each coming with two cylinders. The pistols chamber both .45 Colt and .45 ACP, delivering tremendous versatility to the modern shooter.

One pistol sports a 4.75-inch barrel, while the pistol’s barrel measures 5.5 inches. Each gun features a deep blued finish on the frame, cylinder and barrel. Meanwhile, the trigger guard, front strap and back strap feature high-polished brass. Each pistol wears open, fixed-type sights with notch rear and bladed front. The 1873s also exhibit the traditional four-click hammer.

The companion pieces comes in the form of an 1878 Double Barrel Deluxe Coach side-by-side shotgun. Chambered in 12 gauge, it features 20-inch barrels and a walnut stock. It sports a 2.75-inch chamber, color case-hardened receiver and fixed, cylinder choke. A bead sight, double trigger and double working external hammers round out the package.

“I am really excited to see the first shipment of our new Exclusives from Pietta have arrived”, said Marshall King, Davidson’s buyer. “I’m always impressed when a manufacturer can ‘wow’ you with fit, finish, and attention to detail and our partners at Pietta hit it out of the park with these new Exclusives.”

These well-done historical Pietta guns bring tremendous appeal. Whether you’re about compete in a Cowboy Action Shooting match, or just want a piece of Americana, there’s a lot to like with this release. The 1873 Western revolvers retail for $559.99, while the Coach gun costs $989.99 For even more info, please visit

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