Sol Invictus Arms recently announced its newest firearm, the TAC-9. A modular pistol caliber platform, the 9mm TAC-9 was designed to be adaptable to fit the end user’s needs.

Billed as an affordable sub-gun, the TAC-9 feeds from Glock pattern magazines. It also comes with two 33-round magazines.

The TAC-9 offers a durable and accurate weapon system in a compact yet modular platform, according to Sol Invictus. It features a blowback operated system, ensuring reliability for the most demanding conditions. Sol Invictus points out the TAC-9 is not an AR. Because the entire action is house in the upper receiver, and there is no buffer tube needed.

TAC-9 Features

Sol Invictus Arms developed the TAC-9 for motorcycle patrol officers who are often among the first responders to active shootings. Typically armed with only a sidearm, many officers expressed a need for a compact weapon system that could be stored in their saddlebag and deployed quickly, according to Sol Invictus.

At the heart of the TAC-9 is an all-steel bolt, which works with a standard AR-15 fire control group. This component choice offers superior reliability and maintains the same manual of arms that many users are accustomed to, therefore decreasing training time on a new platform.

The platform also features a modular quick disconnect barrel system. The system enables the shooter to switch from a pistol configuration to a carbine configuration in mere minutes, and without the need for special tools, according to Sol Invictus. Meanwhile, the TAC-9 includes an adaptable rear trunnion that allows the customer to use a folding stock or standard AR-15 buffer tube. The system delivers endless possibilities for carbine brace/stock configurations, according to Sol Invictus.

The 9mm platform comes with a 5.5-inch or 8.5-inch chrome moly ordnance-grade barrel. The barrel, bolt and steel receiver all feature a Nitrided finish for excellent corrosion and wear resistance. The Pistol Configuration retails for $705, while the Pistol with the SBM4 Brace sells for $824.

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