The T4E Training Pistol delivers the fit and feel of a service pistol.

Umarex USA recently announced the release of its newest training pistol for law enforcement, based on the S&W M&P M2.0. Launched under the company’s Training 4 Engagement (T4E) brand, the T4E M&P M2.0 comes in .43 caliber. It replicates the form, fit, and function of the M&P M2.0. This makes it a great training choice for both law enforcement or security.

Umarex T4E Training Pistol

T4E handguns, such as the M&P M2.0 help to instill muscle memory with its familiar physical characteristics. Like other T4E pistols offered for close quarter scenarios, the M2.0 utilizes CO2 as a power source. Using a full-size magazine, it fires .43 caliber less-than-lethal spherical rounds. Law enforcement and security officers can mount accessories to the Smith & Wesson from T4E to ensure that it mirrors their on-duty sidearms during training exercises.

The semi-automatic T4E M&P M2.0 is a full-size, polymer frame .43 caliber paintball pistol with an ergonomic grip. Powered by readily available 12-gram CO2 cartridges, the T4E M2.0 features a full-metal slide available in either black or LE Blue. Its drop-free magazine holds eight rounds and will accept .43 caliber paintballs, rubber balls, or powder balls. The velocity of the T4E M&P M2.0 is up to 355 feet per second which generates enough impact to reinforce negative experience during force-on-force combat training.

Umarex says the T4E training pistol is designed to replicate service arms, beyond simple holster fit. The result delivers a tool for scenario-based training at a fraction of the cost. Interested departments should contact

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