The Taylor's & Company Ace is based on the 1858 Remington revolver.

Fans of the old west get a shot in the arm with the recent news out of Taylor’s & Company. Known for its takes on classic wheelguns in particular, the Ace comprises a new offering in the Master Pistol Series. The Taylor’s & Company Ace, a 3-inch revolver, is based on the 1858 Remington.

Taylor’s & Company Ace Revolvers

The Ace comes in a classic blued finish. It includes a brass trigger guard and 3-inch overall barrel length. As such, it makes for a comfortable carry pistol. The Aces measures 8.38 inches overall and weighs in at 38 ounces. The steel-frame pistol comes in blackpowder .44. A conversion cylinder coverts the pistol over to smokeless .45 LC. The Ace comes standard with a fixed-front blade sight and rear notch for quick-target acquisition. The pistol also comes with three grip options: checkered walnut, smooth walnut, and white PVC.

“The ACE’s ammo flexibility has transitioned into a huge demand for it already this year,” said Rob Girard, VP of Sales & Marketing, Taylor’s & Company. “Besides the standard .44-caliber black powder format, it accepts a 6-shot .45 LC conversion cylinder (sold separately). This is huge these days when certain calibers of ammo are impossible to find.”

The Ace comes in three different configurations, with prices starting at $350. For even more info, please visit

Taylor’s & Company Ace Models

  • Checkered Walnut Caliber: .44
  • Smooth Walnut Caliber: .44
  • White PVC Caliber: .44
  • MSRP: Starting at $350

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