The Turnbull 1911 Black Army is straight out of WWI in 1918.

Fans of the ubiquitous Old Warhorse just got another interesting option from Turnbull Restoration. The Turnbull 1911 Black Army limited-edition pistol recreates the blackened finish World War I U.S. Army pistol, circa 1918. Now collectors get a chance to own a replica 1911 of the pistol that served in Somme, Belleau Wood and beyond. The 1911 Black Army rounds out the company’s line of WWI-era 1911 reproductions and A1 variants.

Turnbull 1911 Black Army Pistol

“WWI-era 1911s with the late production blackened finish are very desirable, but they’re also veryhard to find in good condition,” said Turnbull Restoration Founder and CEO Doug Turnbull. “With our reputation as the premier restorer of WWI-era 1911s, it just made sense to add this version to our line of reproductions. It gives collectors and shooters an exciting, accurate, period-correct option for representing this era in their 1911 collections.”

Turnbull owns an enviable reputation for its work building a multitude of reproductions, including classic Model 1911s. The company offers several 1911 variants, featuring restoration-grade finishes. Models include the 1912-era commercial and WWI-era service branch versions, including U.S. Army, Navy, and Marines. Turnbull also offers unique creations built on the A1 platform. The company hand-fits, proofs, polishes, and then marks every model. Each pistol undergoes range testing by a single gunsmith, ensuring quality and accuracy.

Turnbull also restores actual damaged collectible firearms and returns them to original look, feel and function. Founder and CEO Doug Turnbull made his name turning out period-correct metal finish. Check out at the Turnbull Model 1892 as an example. For even more info, please visit

Turnbull 1911 Black Army Features

  • 5-inch barrel
  • WWI-style 1911 sights with semi-circle notch rear
  • Short, wide spur hammer with standard checkering
  • Early style grip safety with a knurled undercut thumb piece
  • Hand checkered, double diamond American Black Walnut grips
  • WWI-style ejection port
  • Solid one-piece steel trigger
  • Turnbull “Turning Bull” trademark on left of slide behind serrations
  • Doug Turnbull inspector stamp
  • MSRP: $2,925

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