Full auto Glock 17 — that phrase should get any gun enthusiast excited. Leave it to YouTube channel Hickok45 to put the pistol through its paces for our enjoyment.

“Thanks to NC Silencer, it has a fun switch on it. Yes, semi and full,” Greg says of the pistol.

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Run by the father-son duo of Greg and John Kinman, Hickok45 has a history of making shooting fun. At first Greg jokes that he’s only going to fire it in semi-auto because he’d “rather shoot deliberately.” He immediately changes his tone and unleashes the full auto Glock 17 in all its glory.

“Not many people can own one of these things. You have to be in the business pretty much or know somebody in the business in order to actually fire one. Just almost non-existent,” Greg says of the full auto. “Pretty cool though.”

Watch the video above to see the Glock 17 in action.

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