Walther Arms recently announced the release of its newest competition pistol, the Q5 Match Steel frame. Moreover, the Q5 Match Steel Frame is designed for out-of-the-box use in USPSA, IDPA and 3-Gun competition.

The Steel Frame model follows up on the success of the previously released Q5 Match. We first brought you coverage of the original Q5 Match in a video released in December.

“Walther’s goal was to take our existing high-performance PPQ, the Q5 Match, and push the boundaries of performance further than anything offered on the market,” said Bret Vorhees, Director of Product Development for Walther Arms. “The Q5 Match Steel Frame exceeds all expectations in terms of performance, quality, and attention to detail. This new product line shows what Walther is really capable of, and it’s just the beginning.”

Walther Q5 Match Steel Frame Features

Firstly, the most significant upgrade on the Steel Frame model is the gun’s all-steel frame construction, a sought-after component by many serious pistol competitors. Further keeping with the theme, the slide is ported, the frame rails are extended, and ambidextrous controls deliver features competitors demand.

The Steel Frame variant is utilizes the company’s PPQ Quick-Defense Trigger. Also, LPA Fiber Optic front and LPA Adjustable rear sights provide a solid sight picture. Additionally, included optic mounting plates accommodate most commercially available micro red dot optics.

Two different models will be available initially, including a standard model with three 15-round magazines and the Pro model with Walther Performance accessories. Further, Pro accessories include a low-profile magwell and aluminum magazine extensions that increase capacity to 17 rounds.

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Walther Arms Q5 Match Steel Frame Specifications

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Magazines Included: 3
  • Overall Barrel Length: 5 inches
  • Twist: 1:10
  • Overall Capacity: 15 (17 with Pro)
  • Trigger Pull: 5.6 pounds
  • Overall Length: 8.7 inches
  • Overall Sight Radius: 7.2 inches
  • MSRP: $1,499

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