Handl Defense, LLC has begun initial delivery of the first production run of SCAR25 lowers to Rainier Arms. Rainier Arms promptly began shipping the delivered pre-order units to the first 100 customers.

The SCAR25 is the first SR-25/M110 pattern magazine compatible; billet aluminum lower upgrade for the SCAR-17. This revolutionary design has elevated the SCAR-17 to supreme battle rifle status.

The SCAR25 was developed for the special operations warfighter. The SCAR25 lower was specifically designed and engineered to accept the battle proven NATO STANAG SR-25/M-110 pattern magazines manufactured by Knight’s Armament Company. The SCAR25 will also accept variants of KAC pattern magazine such as the popular LR20 P-MAG in 7.62x51mm NATO by MAGPUL or XS-products X-25 drum.

This is a significant advancement in small arms design. For the first time SOF operators deployed with both the M110/MK11/SR25 and the SCAR-H/SCAR17 series of rifle concurrently; will be able to share a common magazine system that is readily available; the battle proven M110/SR25 pattern magazine.

As previously mentioned the SCAR25 lower was specifically designed and engineered to accept NATO STANAG SR-25 and M-110 pattern magazine as designed and manufactured by KAC. It is the de facto magazine standard for the SCAR25. The KAC pattern magazine has a long and successful track record. The basic pattern has been in use since the first 1950’s era Armalite AR-10 and is currently used in the U.S. Army’s M-110 sniper rifle manufactured by KAC. XS-products, Magpul, POF, ASC, DPMS, ProMag, C-products, and other manufacturers offer similar variants of the KAC magazine.

For optimal performance it’s recommended that SCAR25 operators use the KAC M-110/SR-25 magazine. Other variants of the KAC M-110/SR-25 pattern magazine of quality manufacture should offer similar performance.

From the start, the SCAR25 lower was designed and engineered to allow OEM SCAR lower parts to be installed and function with M110/SR25 pattern magazine without modification. This was a major technical hurdle to overcome. And the results speak for themselves. A qualified gunsmith can now swap the OEM lower parts into a SCAR25 lower and complete the upgrade in 15 minutes. Once completed, the operator simply attaches the SCAR25 lower to the upper receiver.

M110/SR25 pattern magazines now operate reliably in the upgraded SCAR-17. Loaded 20 rd. magazines are easily inserted into that magazine well, and are held solidly in place by the magazine retaining latch. Rounds, reliably feed from a loaded magazine. When all the rounds are expended and the magazine is empty; the magazine the hold open functions as designed. The magazine follower engages the bolt hold open assembly and locks the bolt carrier assembly to the rear. The magazine release button functions as designed as well; and when depressed; cleanly releases an empty magazine allowing it to drop free without hesitation. A loaded magazine can then be inserted in magazine well and bolt release paddle depressed. The bolt carrier assembly is now free to load a round from this magazine.

The SCAR25 grip tang was redesigned and arch above the grip has been re-contoured and thinned to accept most M-16/M-4 compatible grips such as MAGPUL MOE + and ERGO Original. Furthermore the SCAR25 lower was enhanced to be user friendly. The previously mentioned; re-contoured, thinner arch above the grip; allow gloved or small hands better access to the fire controls. The fire controls are easy to reach and operate as designed. When the selector lever is manipulated it snaps cleanly into both safe and fire positions.

The original lower was made of plastic and was prone to flexing particularly around the magazine well and grip tang. Reliable sources in SOF community state; in at least one instance; a SOF sniper broke an OEM lower due to flexing. SOF snipers also complained about the receiver flex, and its impact on shot to shot accuracy. The SCAR25 lower is CNC machined from 7075 T6 billet aluminum. It is now stronger and more durable. Receiver flex should no longer be an issue. And it is reasonable to believe that shot to shot accuracy should improve as well.

While the SCAR25’s dimensional geometry has been engineered to function with the M110/SR25 pattern magazine, the exterior dimensions resemble the operational profile of the OEM lower. The SCAR25 is available in black and FDE. All SCAR25 lowers are Type III Hard Coat anodized black. SCAR25 lowers in FDE are further coated with a baked-on, proprietary mil-spec ceramic paint specially formulated for Handl Defense by KG industries to resemble the color of the original lower.

Handl Defense, LLC used rapid prototyping technology to produce two pre-production prototypes of the SCAR25 lower. Like the original lower, the SCAR25 prototypes are made entirely of ABS plastic. Extensive test firing validated the concept and engineering, proof positive the SCAR25 lower works.

A select-fire lower tentatively called the SCAR25M is in development for qualified buyers, LEO agencies and the military.

Rainier Arms in Auburn, Washington; the first to sign on and become a SCAR25 dealer; has begun shipping the first 100 pre-orders SCAR25 lowers. They can be reached at or call them at 877-566-GUNS.

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