When your life is on the line, there’s no room for error.

Fire fighters. National Guard. Paramedics. Everyday, you risk your life protecting others. As with any profession, you rely on specific tools to get the job done. The difference here is that lives often hang in the balance. And when you’re responding to a crisis, you don’t have time to worry about your gear; it has to be ready to go.

Hardigg Cases are designed to safeguard even the most delicate equipment in any situation. Count on the security and protective power of Hardigg Cases to protect your defibrillators, First Responder kits, S.C.B.A. and hazardous materials detection systems.

This multifunctional medical case has five removable totes that allow you the flexibility to package your medical supplies for a specific mission. These removable totes provide the fastest and easiest access to all you vital gear.

Hardware Options:  Black Cobalt-plated Steel
Outer Dimensions:  33.7 X 21 X 13.5
Inner Dimensions:  29 X 18 X 10.88
Shipping Weight:  39 lbs.
Case Material:  Rotational Molded Polyethylene
Colors:  Black, Olive Drab

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