The Hatsan 125 Sniper lives up to its name with an adjustable stock, sound moderator and two-stage Quattro trigger.

Everyone reading this is surely well aware that firearms ammunition is in extremely short supply these days. A great way to still enjoy hunting and the outdoors is with an air rifle. Hatsan USA offers an exciting new model that is sure to become a favorite go-to gun when you’ve had enough summer reruns on TV and want to spend some quality time outside—the Model 125 Sniper—and it has a coolness factor that is off the charts.

Cool Air
This Turkish air rifle is made by Hatsan Arms, a fine manufacturer with over three decades of airgun-making experience. All parts, including the precision-rifled steel barrel, are made in-house, and each gun is individually serial numbered. It is a synthetic-stocked break-barrel that comes in Mossy Oak Break-Up camouflage or a standard black finish. There is a permanently affixed sound moderator that, in addition to the bipod included with the package, gives this gun the appearance of an actual sniper rifle. The plastic bipod clamps around the barrel by spring pressure. One point to consider: the bipod tended to swing around the barrel and can ultimately get in the way when cocking, but it fits with the sniper theme of the overall package for those who choose to use it.

Besides its coolness, the Hatsan 125 Sniper has a slew of other features going for it, such as the Triopad butt system inserts for length-of-pull adjustments, and a Monte Carlo-style cheekpiece that adjusts in elevation for a better cheekweld. For targeting, there’s a micro-adjustable, green-fiber-optic rear sight and a red fiber-optic ramp front sight, plus a dovetail scope rail that can handle both 11mm and 22mm mounts. Speaking of optics, Hatsan has seen fit to supply a 3-9×32 Optima scope with the rings already attached. Mounting was quickly accomplished due to large knurled knobs on the rings. I found the scope plenty adequate for this rifle, although serious small-game hunters might want to upgrade.

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