MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Va.  —The Force Protection Equipment Demonstration held its seventh biannual fair May 19-21 at Quantico and the Stafford Regional Airport.Unlike other military trade shows that display prototypes of future gadgets,

FPED shows technology being applied today. It is mandatory that every item at FPED be available for procurement and testing within 90 days of the demonstration.

Everything on the FPED spectrum was shown from a 50 cal. that can be shot on ship without being affected by rocking waves to a 12-gauge pistol that has practically no kick-back.

The demonstration was held by the Department of Defense’s Physical Security Equipment Action Group for leaders and decision makers in the government who deal with our nations’ security. The demonstration is designed to increase their awareness of available resources as they plan the nation’s defense.

Quantico provided support by hosting range demonstrations for the blast, ballistics and non-lethal equipment at Charlie Demo Range and Weapons Training Battalion Range 3.

The Stafford Regional Airport hosted the exhibit portion of FPED VII which consisted of 650 venders showcasing their products to 7,500 people who attended.

From the 7,500 who attended there was a massive amount of positive feedback.

“We conducted an informal survey from the attendees, vendors and press,” said Carl White, the Media and Public Affairs liaison for FPED VII. “We interviewed about 30 people, and to the person, they said this was the best organized event of this type. Many of these people have been to every FPED since 1997. They were very excited they could see the products in action and that the vendors took time to thoroughly explain their product.”

“I was very impressed by the event,” said White. “Their have been great advancments in force protection equipment over the years. I have a personal interest in it because back in 1969 when I was a Marine fighting in Saigon I was drilled between the eyes by an AK-47. It was thanks to my helmet and helmet liner that I am here today.”

“I think people like to come out here because they want to see what the tools we use that are saving the lives of the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Joseph Miller, a vendor and attendee of FPED VII.

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MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Va.  —The Force Protection Equipment Demonstration held its seventh biannual…