Henning Shop, LLC is pleased to announce the release of its Battlehook™ gun sights. The Battlehook rear sight is a competition-style sight for the Glock, 1911, M&P, XD or Witness pistol that allows operation of the weapon with one hand in any situation. Designed by renowned competitive shooter, Henning Wallgren, the Battlehook sight is loaded with features that are the result of knowledge gleaned from years of competitive shooting, and feedback from professionals who often find themselves in harms way.

Understanding that durability is integral to usefulness, the Battlehook sight is precision cut from a single piece of metal to ensure they will never break. Mounted with two sets of screws, the position of a Battlehook sight permits a longer sight radius, while the wide rear notch allows for a clean site picture and quicker target recognition. The most important feature of the Battlehook sight is also the reason behind its name.

“I had heard from many friends in law enforcement and the military that, despite having been trained to do so, racking the slide with one hand is not as easy as it should be, given the life and death nature of when the maneuver is required,” says Henning Wallgren, Principal of Henning Shop, LLC.

This insight proved to be the lynchpin that led to Battlehook becoming a reality. Designed with a 10° slant at the front, the Battlehook sight allows the pistol slide to be racked on a jacket, holster, belt, pocket, shoe, and virtually anything else with an edge. This feature alone sets the Battlehook sight apart from other sights on the market, but with special consideration given to durability and accuracy, the Battlehook sight has no equal. MSRP varies depending on model from $65 – $120.

For more information about Battlehook, please visit, or stop by the Caspian Arms booth #14838 at the Shot Show to see Battlehook displayed on Caspian slides.

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Henning Shop, LLC is pleased to announce the release of its Battlehook™ gun sights.…