The 200th Anniversary Edition rifle commemorates the birthday of B.T. Henry.

In commemoration of the bicentennial birthday of gunmaker Benjamin Tyler Henry, Henry Repeating Arms recently announced its 200th Anniversary Edition rifle. The limited-edition, toggle-link lever-action rifle pays homage to the original gun patented in 1860.

Henry 200th Anniversary Edition Rifle

Born in 1821, Benjamin Tyler Henry became one of the most influential names in gunamking. His 1860 rifle broke new ground. Now Henry plans a limited run of 200 rifles, commemorating the occasion. These rifles at once become the rarest New Original Henry rifles ever released.

The limited-edition model represents a line-for-line reproduction of Henry’s 1860 design. Modern consolations include a more modern .44-40 WCF chambering. A hardened brass receiver features full coverage leafy vine scrollwork engraving. Meanwhile, a portrait of the inventor adorns the right side. “One of 200” calls out the rifle’s rarity.

The "One of 200" engraving points out the extreme rarity of the rifle.

A highly-figured presentation-grade American walnut stock features a crescent-shaped buttplate. Period-correct, it includes a door for the internal cleaning accessory compartment. The 24.5-inch polished blued steel octagon barrel features a folding ladder rear sight and blade front sight. Each rifle bears a unique serial number ranging from 001BTH200 to 200BTH200.

“The lever action rifle is one of America’s unique contributions to international firearms design, and we take a great deal of pride in carrying on Benjamin Tyler Henry’s legacy by making lever action rifles and shotguns for the modern day on American soil,” said Anthony Imperato, President and Owner, Henry Repeating Arms. “We are excited to release this rifle in honor of his 200th birthday, and we can’t wait to see them start showing up in the hands of our collectors.”

With a toggle-link design, the high-grade anniversary rifle represents a truly once-in-a-lifetime offering. And the price reflects as such. The New Original B.T. Henry 200th Anniversary Edition rifle retails for $4,286. For more information, visit

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