plain.gifAs I write this it is cold and rainy, but the occasional nice, temperate day does occur, which means that hot weather is right around the corner. Now when I say hot, I’m not talking about that sunny and pleasant 75-degree day with a slight breeze. I talking about that 90-degree day with 90-percent humidity when all you want to do is get inside where it is air conditioned and don’t even want to consider a concealing garment. While I am a strong advocate of carrying a fighting size handgun in an easy-to-access belt holster, I am also a realist. I know that when it becomes miserable to wear even a light safari vest that most will forgo the discomfort. At these times alternate modes of concealed carry are considered.

plain2.gifWhile this might not be optimal, it is reality so I think that it is wise to take a look at a few concealed carry alternatives for those dog days of summer. Again, I stress that what we are going to discuss is not the best way to go “heated.” I am merely making the point that alternative methods are far better than leaving your gun at home.

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