HTG’s new .45 ACP suppressor delivers extraordinary sound reduction on a big-bore pistol without using a coolant inside the can. Called the Cycle-2, this boostered suppressor is handy, voodoo quiet, and reliable on a host of mainstream .45 caliber pistols. This achievement is even more remarkable when you understand that developing a stealthy, hearing-safe, large-bore pistol suppressor has been the Holy Grail of suppressor designers since the French used suppressed .50 caliber, Remington Model 1867 rolling-block pistols during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871. This 140-year quest is finally over. HTG’s Cycle-2 suppressor is stealthy and hearing safe when shot dry. In fact, it is the first modern .45 pistol suppressor in the marketplace that was designed to be shot dry. That is big news. The good news doesn’t end here.

Developed by George Vais, who has one of the most innovative minds in the biz, HTG’s Cycle-2 suppressor incorporates a rich mix of patented technology and inspired attention to detail. His patented Epsilon baffle is both novel and cutting edge. It delivers outstanding accuracy, minimal POI (point-of-impact) shift, and excellent performance.

HTG’s second-generation Nielson device is noteworthy for its deceptively simple design and its sophisticated metallurgy. Its piston is a novel, heat-treated stainless alloy that’s more durable than industry-standard, heat-treated stainless alloys and Inconels. The bottom line is that the metallurgy used by HTG for any suppressor component is based upon independent research with master metallurgists, and such decisions are never made based upon industry tradition, expediency, or cost. I like that.

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HTG’s new .45 ACP suppressor delivers extraordinary sound reduction on a big-bore pistol without…