All guns require cleaning, especially AR’s, and the HYSKORE Master Armorer’s Vise is a full featured gun cleaning and maintenance fixture. The direct gas impingement action on AR-15s forces hot gas and other debris directly into the action. This means that frequent cleaning is in order. There are an unlimited number of difficult ways to accomplish this. Most of the time, the person doing the cleaning wishes that they had three hands. The Master Armorer’s Vise solves all of the challenges associated with AR cleaning and maintenance by properly stabilizing and supporting the gun with the upper receiver hinged against the lower at the exact perfect angle.

The Armorer’s Vise securely grips both the upper receiver and butt stock sections of the rifle in separate, independently adjustable, padded, self-centering vises. Each vise assembly slides latterly on rail sets that can adjust to a wide range of included angles. This way the upper receiver can be angled downward so that all cleaning gunk runs out the muzzle (and not into the action) and the barrel can be cleaned from the breech.


Not only does the fixture have an almost unlimited range of functional adjustments, it also can swivel through 360° on a pair of thrust bearings or be locked in place. The base can be stabilized with 4 point locking levelers or screwed to a bench top or plywood sub base. The vise is also perfect for mounting a rifle scope or performing a wide range of other gun maintenance activities. Although designed with the increasingly popular AR-15 in mind, the Master Armorer’s Vise easily adapts to all pump, semi-auto, bolt and lever action rifles and shotguns.

The set also incorporates fittings and features so that a rifle shooter can zero in his deer hunting weapon in 3-5 shots. In this case, one vise is replaced with a padded, adjustable, “V” notch assembly. All the shooter needs to do is follow the simple instructions and “Bingo!” he’s right on target. Going a step further, replace the other vise with the platform assembly and you have a great shooting rest. Whether you are hunting the back forty or going on a safari, the Master Armorer’s Vise is the perfect firearms maintenance fixture.

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All guns require cleaning, especially AR's, and the HYSKORE Master Armorer's Vise is a…