Image: Flikr/Zachi Evenor

The Israeli Defence Forces’ (IDF) Artillery Corps is set to use an innovative warfare technique over the next few weeks with altered security regulations, which will provide enhanced tank firepower capabilities.According to the change in security regulations, an entire company of tanks aligned in a straight line can attack targets simultaneously instead of the previous method of allowing only the first tank in the line to fire at the enemy.

The new shooting technique was also tested recently during the first operational test of the new regulations. Armored Corps headquarters commander major Arieh Berger said: “The test was extremely successful and the new shooting technique will be implemented into future training and combat scenarios.”

The line warfare technique will also be used under different combat scenarios in both urban and mountainous regions, while posed with numerous barriers, as well as anti-tank missiles. According to the sources, some of the scenarios that the corps will prepare to use the technique include fighting in a region where the possibility for firing is higher.

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