Insight Tech-Gear’s newest tactical rail-mounted LED light, the XTI Procyon™, is named after one of the brightest stars in the night sky.  The light is a simplified multi-function tactical rail-mounted LED light and provides dynamic flexibility without confusing complexity.

Its stunning 125 lumen high-output LED, along with its precision focused reflector, provides exceptional brightness with a tightly focused uniform beam. The Procyon has a truly ambidextrous toggle switch for intuitive activation in even the most crucial, stressful moments.  Double tapping the toggle switch in any direction initiates a strobe effect that disorientates an unsuspecting target, giving you the advantage of potentially life-saving seconds.  With its adjustable rail interface that fits all standard rails, the XTI Procyon is the most versatile weapon mounted light currently available.

XTI Procyon™ Features:
• Shockproof High Intensity LED, 125 Lumen Output
• Exceptionally Strong Anodized Aluminum Construction
• Precision Focused Reflector
• Multiple Modes:  Constant, Momentary and Strobe
• Run Time:  90 Minutes
• Water Resistant to 5 Meters/15 feet
• 3.2” X 1.6” X 1.5”
• Weight:  4.0 oz. w/batteries
• Digitally Managed Circuit to Control Output Power and Heat
• Battery Power 6 Volts from two Lithium (123)
• Weapon Mountable
• Patented Slide-Lock® Attachment Design
• Adjustable Rail Interface Fits All Standard Rails
• Fits Existing M3 Holsters
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

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