Insight Tech-Gear’s newest X-Treme Series tactical rail-mounted LED warm light, the WX150W™ Tru-Vue™ (Weapons X-Treme 150 Lumen LED Warm light),  is much warmer than the line’s standard high output LED bulbs that produce 6000 degrees of blue light.

Similar to Xenon or Halogen bulbs, the new WX150W Tru-Value is much warmer, allowing for greater recognition of facial and hand features.  It is a simplified multi-function tactical rail-mounted LED light providing dynamic flexibility without confusing complexity.  Its 120 Tru-Vue lumen high-output LED, along with its precision focused reflector, provides exceptional brightness with a tightly focused uniform beam. The WX150W Tru-Vue has a truly ambidextrous toggle switch for instinctive activation in even the most crucial, stressful moments.  Double tapping the toggle switch in any direction initiates a strobe effect that debilitates an unsuspecting target, giving you the advantage of potentially life-saving seconds.  With its adjustable rail interface that fits all standard rails, the WX150W Tru-Vue is one of the most versatile weapon mounted lights currently available on the market.

WX150W TruVue Features:

•    Shockproof High Intensity LED
•    120 Tru-Vue™ Lumen warm light output
•    Exceptionally Strong Anodized Aluminum Construction
•    Precision Focused Reflector
•    Multiple Modes:  Constant, Momentary and Strobe
•    Run Time:  90 Minutes
•    Water Resistant to 5 Meters/15 feet
•    3.2” X 1.6” X 1.5”
•    Weight:  4.0 oz. w/batteries
•    Digitally Managed Circuit to Control Output Power and Heat
•    Battery Power 6 Volts from two Lithium (123)
•    Weapon Mountable
•    Patented Slide-Lock® Attachment Design
•    Adjustable Rail Interface Fits All Standard Rails
•    Fits Existing M3 Holsters
•    Limited Lifetime Warranty

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