Model # 104b (Bullet Nose) Combat Brush Guard with Model # 103b Short Top Rail

Iron Eagle Tactical products lineup is growing larger. Due to customer demand, Iron Eagle Tactical is proud to introduce two new Combat Brush Guards, Model # 104a and b and a new shorter Top Rail, Model # 103b to our lineup for accessories on the Ruger SR – 22 Rifle.

iron-eagle-combat-brush-guardModel # 104a (Finned) Combat Brush Guard with Model # 103b Short Top Rail

Our customers have been asking for more styles of the Combat Brush Guard. This cover fills the large hole at the end of the forearm of the Ruger SR -22. Its function is keeping trash out of the end of the rifle. We have been producing the Model # 104c Combat Brush Guard, but now have three types of Combat Brush Guards for sale.

They are as follows:

-Model # 104a has heat releasing fins to help move the heat off the forearm and barrel.

-Model # 104b is a hard nose cover giving the completed look to the forearm.

-Model # 104c was our first Combat Brush Guard. It is a small cover that uses a compression ring to hold it in place.

The two new ones Model # 104a & b, are held in place by using a screw that extends through the E-Tac Rail or through the existing hole in the forearm into the new Combat Brush Guard providing a very solid installation.

Also, due to customer requests we are introducing a new shorter Top Rail, Model # 103b. It will extend from the existing Picatinny platform to the end of the forearm.

All of our products are made of 6061 T6 aluminum and have a type 3 anodization.
To see all of our new line of Combat Brush Guards and the new shorter Top Rail, check us out at

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Model # 104b (Bullet Nose) Combat Brush Guard with Model # 103b Short Top…