According to the Israeli Army (IDF) procurement plan, 500 of the new Sufa 3 jeeps will be acquired. The vehicle, which was jointly developed by the IDF, the American Chrysler corporation and the Nazareth vehicle industrial plant, will in the next two years replace the Sufa 1 and Sufa 2 all-terrain vehicles currently used by the IDF.

“This is a completely different vehicle from the Sufa 2,” said Lt. Col. Nissim Einat, the IDF’s head of tactical vehicles. “The Sufa 3 is much more comfortable for the user. Inside, it is very similar to a private vehicle. There is an integrated and reliable radio system – much more reliable than the Sufa 2. There are much fewer glitches and problems. Also, it is an automatic vehicle that is driven by a diesel engine.”

The Sufa 2 is one of the vehicles most commonly seen during training drills and exercises. Since the Sufa 2 was integrated into the IDF in 2005, the vehicle has displayed great capabilities to move through difficult terrain conditions. However, the IDF strived to continue for perfection and in 2008 began the Sufa 3 project.

Additional features that the IDF requested be put in the Sufa 3 include: quality air conditioning, special tires, a communication system, a strong night lighting system and front and rear towing hooks that will give the vehicle the ability to be rescued if stuck, which could prove critical in emergency situations.


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According to the Israeli Army (IDF) procurement plan, 500 of the new Sufa 3…