Liemke Optimized PGM Precision Rifles
This French company has made inroads in the international precision rifle market with modular offerings in 7.62, .338, and .50 BMG. These high-quality rifles are 1/4-moa accurate and reasonably priced with a variety of barrel types. LH also markets a conversion for HK SLB-2000 rifles, which offers shooters a .300 Win Mag rifle in a bullpup configuration. (

Europe’s premier manufacturer of Kalashnikov rifles had an extensive display of rifles in Nuremberg. Their Vityaz 9x19mm AK/SMG was very interesting, using curved MP5-style magazines and an 8-inch barrel.

Just about every variant of AK was on hand, with fixed or side folding stocks, full-length or short barrels, and furniture or caliber options. Saiga tactical shotguns were on hand in variations unavailable in the US, with M16-type magwells, extended magazines, folding stocks and short barrels. Need a 14-inch, side folder AK in .243 Winchester? They have you covered. Need a .22 LR AK Trainer? No problem.

For the precision shooter, current issue versions of 7.62x54R/7.62 NATO sniper rifles were on hand, some with commercial-grade blued finishes and relief carved fancy wood stocks.

Russian tactical furniture options have developed well beyond their limited offering of just a few years ago. Light mounts, forward grips and sling mounting options have been embraced by former Eastern Bloc manufacturers. (

Schwaben Arms
Schwaben Arms has made their name by reissuing classic military rifle designs by purchasing obsolete stocks of original parts and manufacturing new parts on original tooling. One of their unique products in the Swiss Stgw-57/Sig 510 assault rifle (SAR M57), available in either 7.5 Swiss or 7.62 NATO. A small number of these had come into the United States between 1969 and 1989 (Sig AMT), but were expensive to purchase and operate. Importation was cut off in 1989 by Presidential decree. Today, they bring top-dollar on the collector market when one can even be found for sale.
Schwaben HK .308
Schwaben also manufactures several variants of the HK series of rifles in 9mm and 7.62 (SAR M41). Full-size G3 versions down to 10-inch barreled CQB variants are available in 7.62, as well as precision sniper rifles. If you prefer the G1 (FAL), Schwaben can also accommodate your needs with their SAR M58. They also manufacture the German version of the UZI 9mm (SAR M54) (

International .50 BMGs
A number of companies have begun manufacturing .50 BMG rifles in Europe to fill the vacuum left by the U.S. The U.S. State Department won’t allow U.S. companies to export .50 rifles for commercial sale, so the demand is being filled offshore. Accuracy International, Steyr, RPA, PGM and Fortmeier all have products available on the international commercial market, most of which are not available in the U.S.

The German Fortmeier offering is unique in its modularity – the same receiver can accommodate a 7.62 NATO, .338 or .50 BMG barrel. It breaks down into a suitcase-sized package for transportation and assembles in seconds. Modularity extends to configuring the same gun as a single-shot or a 5-round repeater.
The UK’s RPA’s 5-shot bolt gun is unique in that it features a side folding stock which is actually part of the receiver. They too offer this model in .50, .338, and 7.62 NATO. (

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