It’s a bold step in the modern firearms industry to launch a new AR that isn’t just shorter, longer or a different color. So much has been done before and clever fads have come and gone, but few merit attention beyond an esoteric mission or theater-specific alteration. Each year, more manufacturers claim to have the newest and best AR incarnation, and the shooting and tactical world gets another migraine from marketing overload. But an exception to this cycle may have just hit the beach. The Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM) Haley Strategic “Jack” carbine is worth a close look, particularly to those shooters seeking a platform that masters the fundamentals of quality construction, reliability-enhancing design improvements and experience-based modifications.
Well-respected in the gun industry for his production quality standards, BCM President Paul Buffoni teamed with Travis Haley to develop, in Buffoni’s words, “a capable and reliable weapon system that holds up under hard use.” No exceptions would be made to mil-spec standards of materials, quality control or tolerances. The Jack carbine represents both a passionate approach to the perfection of the fundamentals as well as a step forward, where appropriate, into performance-enhancing design features.
Though it bears a distinctive appearance, Haley cautions against viewing the Jack as anything but a working firearm. “The Jack is not a signature piece or a collector’s item. It is a tool that gives the operator options wrapped in the reliability and confidence of a mil-spec package.”

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It’s a bold step in the modern firearms industry to launch a new AR…