James River Armory AK47-JRA 7.62x39mm Rifle

James River Armory has announced the release of their new AK47-JRA rifle. Chambered in 7.62x39mm, the AK47-JRA is a faithful reproduction of the classic Soviet rifle. It is assembled from high quality Polish parts with Cyrillic markings and has a matte hot salt blue finish. This model also has a chrome lined barrel with a 1-10 twist rate. In addition, the AK47-JRA comes with one magazine, but it is compatible with all mil-spec magazines. This rifle, as with all rifles released by James River Armory, has been tested at the range for function and windage accuracy.

James River Armory used a variety of labor-intensive methods to recreate the “perfectly imperfect” appearance of the AK47. Each part was cleaned, bead blasted and inspected. Parts are only replaced if there is an obvious defect or excessive wear. The company used standard metric soft steel AK rivets which look like East Bloc production, original stocks completely refinished, and a barrel which was precisely pressed for optimum functionality. “When setting this the barrel, the gas hole must be at 0 degrees and the barrel extractor notch must be in correct alignment,” JRA said. “The rear sight base is pressed in and will interlock with the trunion. The gas cylinder is pressed on and must match the gas hole location perfectly. Often these have a machined flat that is not parallel with the barrel. The front sight is pressed in aligning to a laser bore sight.”

See below for additional details about the James River Armory AK47-JRA 7.62x39mm Rifle.

Features: James River Armory AK47-JRA 7.62x39mm Rifle

-US compliant parts.
-Chrome lined barrel.
-Assembled from excellent condition Polish parts.
-Hot salt blued finish as per original Soviet production.
-Cyrillic markings.
-Receiver serial number matches trunnion.
-Includes 1 magazine.

For more information about the AK47-JRA and other products offered by James River Armory, please visit www.jamesriverarmory.com

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