John Deere and Boeing Defence UK announce a joint, 17-month development project to enhance the John Deere R-Gator robotic utility vehicle to reduce the burden of soldiers in the field.

Boeing Defence UK is integrating the John Deere R-Gator with additional technologies to enhance the machine as an Assisted Carriage System (ACS), which will enable the vehicle to better perform many tactical support functions.

John Deere utility vehicles are used by customers around the world for loading, hauling, dumping and other work applications. The R-Gator has been specifically designed to meet the heavy-duty hauling requirements of soldiers in the field.

The John Deere R-Gator ACS can support an infantry section of up to eight men, and offload 1400 lbs. of individual equipment. It is designed to carry an increased level of ready combat supplies for more effective patrolling and re-supply operations.  Most importantly, the vehicle can operate autonomously, be driven manually, and be reconfigured to meet a multitude of ground support needs.

The John Deere R-Gator is built upon the proven John Deere XUV chassis, and is fitted with high-level autonomous features used in other equipment produced by John Deere for customers around the world.

“By teaming with Boeing Defence UK we are in a position to lighten the dismounted soldier’s load, reduce their fatigue, increase their endurance and remove them from harm’s way,” said Mark E. Bodwell, group manager, business development, military affairs, John Deere. “John Deere and Boeing Defence UK are proud to leverage and integrate Components Off The Shelf technologies to reduce the burden of those who protect us on a daily basis.”

Boeing Defence UK will be the prime system integrator. John Deere will provide the baseline vehicle and autonomy technology.

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