JP Enterprises LRP-07H .308 – dives into the deer-hunting market with its new side-charging, low-recoiling accurized .308 Winchester AR designed for long-range precision and reliability!

Over the past few years, JP Enterprises has specialized in building high-end AR-platform rifles and accessories for the serious competition shooter. Since the tide has turned in favor of widespread sporting acceptance of the AR as more than just a tactical weapon, the folks at JPE have introduced their first dedicated hunting gun. Christened the LRP-07H, this is a platform designed to fill every need for today’s hunter—even ones that are yet to be realized. Over the past several years, JPE has established its reputation by delivering the finest competition-proven products to shooting professionals, elite military units and knowledgeable recreational shooters around the globe. “We are proud of the fact that we build the very best in the world,” the owner of JP Enterprises, John Paul Gangl, said, “and we do it here in the U.S.A. with all-American components.”

JPE rifles aren’t newcomers to the hunting field, and other than a wooden stock, the new LRP-07H (“LRP” for Long Range Precision) retains all the attributes one would seek in a quality hunting rifle. Fit and finish, silky smooth action, exceptionally crisp single-stage trigger, outstanding accuracy and reliability—these are all qualities that have been built into the company’s rifles for years.

Precision Details
The LRP-07H features the same durable receivers machined from a billet of solid 7075 aluminum that JP Enterprises uses in its competition and tactical rifles. Assembled with top-quality components, this is a configuration ideally suited for your long-anticipated hunt. “The classic bolt gun will always be a staple of hunting sports,” John Paul said, “but this rifle offers a new hunting experience without sacrificing the form and function that today’s shooter demands.” When the LRP-07H arrived for testing, I removed it from the box and examined it. Running my hands over it, I came to a stop on its cold, aluminum buttplate. My first thoughts centered upon the more than 3,500 rounds that I had run through several rifles during the test and evaluation process over the past three weeks, and, quite honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to running about 400 rounds of .308 Winchester through this one.

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