I’m not an advocate of numerology, but I read somewhere that the number nine signifies rebirth or coming full circle. I didn’t really ponder the number until I received an assignment from the editor of Tactical Weapons to test and evaluate JP Enterprises’ LRP-07M. When I counted the number of AR-platform rifles I have tested from this company over the past three years, they added up to nine in total. Perhaps JPE’s new Long Range Precision rifle, with its “Military” suffix, is a look toward the company’s future.

Over the past several years, JP Enterprises has earned a reputation for building ARs with accuracy that rival the best bolt actions. They have such a stellar reputation that major armsmakers, such as Remington Defense, outsourced and had JPE build its RSASS. JPE rifles aren’t newcomers to the tactical world, and a surprising number of the company’s rifles keep winding up in the hands of some elite warfighters based in southeastern North Carolina.

The new LRP-07M’s sub-type designation retains all the attributes one would seek in a quality tactical rifle. Fit, finish, silky smooth action, exceptionally crisp single-stage trigger, outstanding accuracy and reliability are all qualities that have been built into JPE rifles for years. The LRP-07M features the same durable receivers machined from solid 7075 aluminum billet that the company uses in its competition and tactical rifles. Assembled with top-quality components, this is a configuration ideally suited for rapid engagement at ranges out to 800 meters and farther in capable hands.

Accuracy Upgrades
When the LRP-07M arrived for testing, I removed it from the box and gave it a once-over. The first feature of the LRP that got my attention was the adjustable Magpul pistol grip. The first thing I did was remove the grip and install the largest adapter on the rear of the grip assembly and the finger-groove adapter on the front. The dimensions afforded by the larger grip were ideal for placing my trigger finger in the correct position.

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I’m not an advocate of numerology, but I read somewhere that the number nine signifies…