MK-48 MOD 1 7.62x51mm by Robert A. Martuszewski
US Army’s newest LMG with more RPM headed to Afghanistan’s mountains!

PWS DIABLO 7.62x39mm by Dave Bahde
Heaven-sent SBR with a hellbringer’s punch!

CENTURY ARMS ROMANIAN PSL-54C 7.62x54R by Michael O. Humphries
ComBloc sniper rifle offers Kalashnikov reliability with precision, power and range!

PARA USA TTR 5.56mm by Dave Bahde
Innovative folding AR rivaling the best piston-driven system available!

ELITE IRON’S TRG-42 .338 MAG PACKAGE by Cory Trapp
A lightweight, adaptable sniping rifle system that goes beyond 1,250 meters!

MOSSBERG 590A1 by Michael O. Humphries
US military-endorsed 12 gauge powerhouse — a 21st century “trench gun!”

SURGEON REMEDY .338 LAPUA by Stanton L. Wormley, Jr.
Extreme long range sniper rifle for multi-mission firepower in the sandbox!

REMINGTON M700 TARGET TACTICAL .308 by Michael O. Humphries
To the vanishing point — the future of precision marksmanship!


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