The bullpup Kel-Tec KSG rewrites the rules on what makes a modern tactical scattergun, combining dual-feed tubes to provide a total capacity of 14+1 shotshells. Shown equipped with a set of Diamondhead Premium Series flip-up sights and a Command Arms FFG4 folding vertical foregrip.

The “death” of the shotgun as a frontline law enforcement tool seems to be announced every year. With the ascendance of the AR carbine, the “lowly” scattergun, with its heavy weight, limited capacity and relatively short range, is seemingly pushed further and further back into the peripherals.

Rather than sights, the KSG comes with a 12-inch strip of Picatinny rail suspended above the barrel. The author equipped the KSG with a set of Diamondhead’s excellent Premium Series of folding iron sights, with unique diamond-shaped apertures.

However, where the shotgun unarguably excels is in versatility. Want to make your AR a less-than-lethal weapon system? Barring the more exotic adaptations, your only real option is to use it as a bludgeon. On the other hand, the “humble” shotgun can chamber specialty rounds such as tear gas, beanbag and rubber pellets to name just a few. How about “lethal” options? Want to fire buckshot at close range or slugs at extended ranges? All that you need to accomplish any of the above tasks is to simply feed the appropriate shell into the chamber.

The magazine selector lever has three positions—right selects the right tube, left the left tube, and the center position functions as a magazine cutoff.

What about the general criticisms of the shotgun platform? Namely, that it can be overly long, ponderously heavy and low on capacity? Admittedly, there are merits to these arguments. But, what if someone were to take a radically new approach to the shotgun design to address these concerns, and as a result, offer potentially one of the most capable and advanced tactical shotguns on the market? Enter Kel Tec, a company that has built a reputation on thinking outside of the box when it comes to firearm design.

On the forward face of the triggerguard is the ambidextrous “action bar lock” that can be used to unlock the action.

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The bullpup Kel-Tec KSG rewrites the rules on what makes a modern tactical scattergun,…