Nielsen-Kellerman®, manufacturer and distributor of Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters, introduces a new line of the rugged hand-held weather monitoring device equipped with an integrated ballistics calculator, the Kestrel Pocket WeatherTM Tracker with Horus® ATrag® Ballistics. The latest Kestrel meter will debut at the 2011 SHOT show. The popular shooting industry exhibition will be held at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 18-21.

Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters and Horus Vision have partnered to provide a powerful shooting tool that combines the critical environmental data and targeting software solutions required for precision shooting — all in one four-ounce pocket-sized unit. Previously, shooters would need to obtain environmental data from a Kestrel meter and then input that data into a PDA loaded with Horus ATrag ballistics software. Now, the Kestrel Ballistics Weather Tracker with Horus ATrag Software contains all of the necessary data and aiming solutions in one device to minimize user workload and distraction. The Kestrel meter is IP67 waterproof and dust tight plus MIL-STD-810G tough, allowing users to avoid the expense and weight of a ruggedized PDA.

The new unit allows users to load and customize multiple guns and rounds from the extensive proprietary Horus database. Simple, intuitive screens allow the user to create up to six targets customized for location, distance, direction, declination and winds. The Kestrel meter’s highly accurate measuring and averaging of wind and digital compass for target bearing and wind direction assists in defining the target winds. Once these parameters are set, the Kestrel meter takes over – tracking the current met data and automatically updating the firing solution using Horus ATrag advanced proprietary algorithms and taking coriolis and spin drift into account. No additional user input is required.

Switch out of Horus mode and the Kestrel Ballistics Weather Tracker provides the full suite of Kestrel 4500 weather measurements and data logging. Instantly measure and log a multitude of conditions: wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, heat stress, barometric pressure, altitude, density altitude, crosswind and more. This is the one tool to keep long-range shooters safe and informed whatever their environment. Plus, with optional integrated Bluetooth® data transfer capabilities, users can conveniently and wirelessly upload environmental data.

The Kestrel Ballistics Weather Tracker with Horus ATrag Software will be available early 2011.

Kestrel Pocket Weather are designed, developed, built, tested and supported in the USA. Nielsen-Kellerman’s Kestrel Weather division has been researching, developing and manufacturing technically advanced portable weather instruments for more than a decade and owns multiple patents on their unique features. Kestrel Meters are MIL-STD-810G rugged, IP-67 waterproof and field-proven through millions of hours of operation in extreme environments. Every Kestrel Meter is backed by a five-year warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee.,

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