A new key fob, named Key Kitty, is appealing to women for its ready use as a self-defense weapon. The key fob is shaped like a cat’s head, with a flashlight button in the nose position, two holes where the eyes would be, and two sharp triangles for the cat’s ears. Women can put two fingers through the eye holes, and carry the cat’s head key fob in their hand, with the points facing outwards. If someone approaches them they can hit back with the sharp points of the Key Kitty.


In these difficult economic times, women are often working more than one job, and taking on shifts at different hours. With more responsibilities and juggling between different locations, having quick access to keys is very valuable. Women digging for keys in their purses has become cliche, yet it is very common, and a huge source of stress. Having a key ring that attaches to a woman’s purse is so valuable that hundreds of new products have emerged addressing this seemingly mundane need. But it is Key Kitty that has combined self-defense with utility.

The Key Kitty key fob provides:
– a flashlight to see a keyhole or steps at night;
– a retractable key or ID holder;
– a clasp to consistently hang keys in the same place in one’s purse;
– a quick release clip; and most significantly,
– a sharp object to deter an attacker if need be.

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A new key fob, named Key Kitty, is appealing to women for its ready…